What To Expect From Nw Distinctive Dental

The Initial Call

The NW Distinctive Dental team is dedicated to exceed your expectations, being patient centered, and affordable so that high quality dentistry is within reach.  You can rest assured that your will be delighted with your visit. Our works to provide both high quality dentistry and a comfortable experience.  We always desire to understand your dental wants and needs first. This starts at the initial phone call by asking you questions about your past dental encounters and any conditions that might be causing you distress. Our team is trained to listen critically, so that your dental visit is appointed properly. And, we make every effort to accommodate your timeframe for your appointment. After the appointment is scheduled, we automatically send a “Save the Date” email so that you have a record of your appointment.

It is important for you to complete the medical/dental history, and any new patient paperwork prior to coming in for your appointment. This will allow the appointment to run smoothly.

Appointment Confirmation

One to two days prior to your appointment, you are contacted via email for an appointment confirmation. In many cases the assistant that is assigned to you will also call and to answer any questions or clarify any pending issues you might have regarding your upcoming dental appointment.

Meet and Greet

On the day of the appointment, you will be met by our front office staff. They will collect your new patient paperwork, answer any questions you have, and offer you a variety of items such as Coffee, Hot Chocolate or Juice.

Meet the doctor and assistant

You doctor, hygienist and assistant will meet with you to discuss you medical and dental history. They will ask several questions and clarify any open items you may have regarding your dental conditions. We invite you to ask as many questions you have. We want you to feel comfortable with our team, our methods and plan.  We really pride ourselves on listening to your concerns and expectations.  We want this to be as interactive as possible.  With more knowledge, you can make better choices for yourself and understand the options you have to reach your dental goals… not ours.

New Patient Examination

Intraoral photographs will be taken as part of your exam. The photos allow you to have a close up view of your teeth and gums as well as give us the ability to see any small issues that might be of concern. If you require x-rays, they will be taken at this time utilizing our digital imaging software which contain very little radiation and instant exposure.

The hygienist will do a periodontal examination using the perio probe. The probe is used to measure the health of your gums surrounding each tooth. The probe does not pinch or stick it is simply a measuring divice. There is no need for you to feel anxious during this process, as we take great care to make sure its comfortable.

Your doctor will do an Oral Health examination and review your x-rays, intra oral images, and direct observations.

Your doctor will discuss any findings with you following the examination. The findings may be discussed at the chair or in the consultation room depending on what is discovered and your wishes. In some cases, it is necessary to schedule a follow up consultation visit to discuss a more detailed treatment plan.

If finances are an issue, you will meet with our financial coordinator to discuss available options for you to continue with treatment. The financial coordinator will work with you to set up an affordable plan that meets your need of keeping your teeth but fits inside of your budget. If you have insurance, the work may need to be pre-authorized so we can more accurately predict what your out of pocket expense will be.

Initial Cleaning

Many times, you will also get your teeth cleaned following the new patient appointment. This is determined by the overall condition of your teeth. Once the cleaning has been completed, the hygienist will set up your next cleaning appointment.

Patient Survey

Following each appointment, we hope that you will provide us feedback on how your appointment went.  In our constant pursuit to improve the quality of our care and connect great patients with great dentistry, we encourage you to leave us a review.  This can be done in a variety of ways here at our website, in the office or by email.  Please take a few moments to complete it. We appreciate your candor and will follow up with you should there be any issues.  It is important to us that we exceed your expectations wherever possible.