Dr. Joe Kim



“Dentistry gives me the opportunity to treat people, not just teeth.”


I moved to the Pacific Northwest, after graduating from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 2004,  to pursue a dream of becoming the best dental provider that I can be. But, more importantly, I moved to the Northwest in order to plan a future with my graduate school sweetheart.  I met my wife at the beginning of my second year of dental school.  By chance, we met in the school gym while playing volleyball, a passion we both happened to share.  And as luck would have it, I later found out that she was enrolled in the Bachelors program for Dental Hygiene.  Long story short, she being a native of Portland, Oregon, and my love for the outdoors and the many things that the Pacific Northwest had to offer, made making my home here in Clark County a no brainer.

I love to take advantage of the amazing seasons we have here by participating in a variety of outdoor activities. I enjoy playing all team sports, snowboarding, backpacking/camping, fishing, but a new passion of mine that I have developed over the last 5 years is cycling.  I started riding road bikes initially for the obvious health benefits.  Then, as I became a part of the cycling community and joining Camas Bike and Sport’s race team, I found a whole new way to enjoy the beauties of the Northwest both on the roads and in the mountains.

As much as I’ve lived an adventurous life thus far, there has been no greater adventure in my life than my family. I have felt no greater joys than raising my two amazing boys with my wife.  I enjoy getting to share with them my hobbies, spending time with them as they learn and grow, and to see them reach each milestone in life.  So far, we are a family of 9, my wife and I, my two boys, as well as our two dogs, two cats, and our bunny.

“What made you decide to become a dentist?”

From an early age, I have had a heart for service. I would play my violin or sing in order to raise funds for different church related projects.  In high school, I participated in various public service projects such as feeding the homeless, cleaning a neighbor’s yard, and visiting patients in an adult care facility or hospital setting.  The biggest influence I had that helped steer me towards dentistry was during my college years.  I decided to take a year off of school in between my second and third year of college to spend a year as a volunteer missionary in a small town called La Paloma in Paraguay.  During my year teaching and helping with the local church, I noticed a lot of the locals would seek medical attention for most of their physical needs, but there was a huge void in dental education and care.  Seeing adults and children completely edentulous or in extreme pain due tooth decay left a lasting impression in my mind.  Returning back to my studies the following year, after volunteering my time with a few of the local dentist, I decided to make a career change, and chose dentistry as my way to serve others.

“What do you like about dentistry?”

As I completed dental school and started my career as a dentist, I never realized how much I would enjoy the many aspects of dentistry. Friends and patients alike would comment on how they can’t imagine doing what we do, looking into people’s mouths all day.  Although I can see how they would look at it this way, I see it as a way of caring for the whole person.  Having healthy functioning teeth and gums is a vital part of living a healthy life.  Many people don’t realize the correlation between oral health and the rest of the body.  There is a link between poor oral health and Diabetes, Heart Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and exasperating Lung Conditions just to name a few.  Dentistry gives me the opportunity to treat people, not just teeth.

“What do you mean by  many aspects of dentistry?”

As a dental provider, I have received appropriate training both in dental school as well as in countless hours of CE courses since then, to provide patients with a variety of dental services. I enjoy seeing patients as early as 12 month old, or when they have their first teeth, to others who have a little more life experience behind them.  Not only do I enjoy traditional cosmetic dentistry, I also enjoy providing the many specialty services including, root canal therapy, extractions, implants, surgical periodontal therapy, as well as fixed and removable prosthetics.  This, along with being able to utilize our amazing specialist when necessary, gives me the ability to provide whole patient care to the highest of standards.

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